Conversations with Maharishi. Vol. 2

Conversations with Maharishi. Vol. 2
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Conversations with Maharishi. Volume 2.

In this highly anticipated follow-up to Volume One of Conversations with Maharishi—we again join Dr. Vernon Katz as he sits by Maharishi’s side and we listen in on these exhilarating conversations about the highest potential of human life. The fascinating insights into the Brahma Sutras can only be found within these pages.

In these brilliant interchanges which took place in the beautiful Mediterranean island of Mallorca and the alpine splendour of Switzerland and France, Maharishi brings out fresh insights into his basic message of the primacy of consciousness and the unity of all things — encouraged by the discerning questions and comments of Dr. Katz. New themes in this volume bring out the analytical and philosophical aspects of Maharishi’s teaching. In this and in so much else, Maharishi has bestowed an extraordinary legacy of knowledge for all humanity.

“In Dr. Katz, Maharishi was speaking to someone who understood him intellectually, with a heart full of love — a scholar who deeply appreciates and admires the profundity of Maharishi’s utterances, which are Brahm Itself speaking its own reality.“And it is our privilege through this new book to experience that totality of knowledge from Maharishi unfolding sentence by sentence. Thank you dear Vernon!”—Dr. Bevan Morris, Prime Minister Global Country of World Peace 

All proceeds from sales go to support Maharishi University of Management.


by Dr. Vernon Katz
381 pages
Published in 2015

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