Light at the Door (Renie Praver)

This album has been a Long time coming!
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10 Lieder / Stücke:

  • Shri Brahmananda.
  • Jai Sita Ram.
  • Ya Devi.
  • Keeper Of The Keys.
  • Guru Purnima Moon.
  • Pita Jie (Father).
  • More Than Enough For All.
  • Shri Krishna. Home.
  • Light At The Door.

Über die Künstlerin (TM-Lehrerin):
Renie started singing spiritual/uplifting songs in the early ‚70‘s.

By 1974 she was sitting in front of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi singing songs for the New Age. She spent that year and the next writing and performing with her friend Donna Lieberman Warwick, often times working directly with Maharishi ji and performing the music for the TM community. She started playing with Daniel Sperry, an incredible cellist, for the next years and has continued ever since. The last album she recorded was in 1979. After Maharishi ji moved on from this planet in 2008, she was determined to fulfill her promise to her teacher. Maharishi often told her to sing and write these songs for the whole world and to make people happy through them, so that is what she is accomplishing now.

Please enjoy and Be Happy!!!

Jai Guru Dev

Gesamtspielzeit: 65 Min.

Preis: EUR 16,00

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